Monday, September 27, 2010

On our way to the Everest Build

With the dedication behind us, I began my trip to Nepal early with a couple of my friends, Adelle and Anne. Both Adelle and Anne are Habitat OC supporters and are joining me on the Everest Build. Our first stop, Hong Kong!

After 14 hours in the air with limited sleep, we arrived in Hong Kong and whisked through immigration and customs. We took the speed train into town and spent the day exploring this incredible city. From shopping to sightseeing to eating, the day was full. In fact, we finished the day with a foot massage - and after all the walking we did, it was the perfect ending.

Seeing Hong Kong at night is breathtaking. The lights shimmer from building after building. Some change colors as you watch while others grow brighter in intensity. We are staying with a cousin of Anne at The Summit, one of the highest apartment buildings in the city! Absolutely beautiful.

And now since I can't remember when I last slept, I'm ready for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be another day of new adventures, then traveling to the airport by 4:00 for our flight to Kathmandu.

Until then, feel free to share any traveling tips.

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