Monday, July 9, 2012

Habitat OC leaves their mark

Charles Antis and his son Erek traveled
 from Orange County to help build in
For a week, we have all been building Habitat homes in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia alongside volunteers from all over the world. Besides meeting other volunteers, we also got to work with the future homeowners and that was very special.

I was able to talk to one of the families and I learned that most families are used to being nomadic. This provides a challenge for the Habitat homeowners since they have to get used to living in one location. With that in mind, the local Habitat affiliate makes sure they create an area that is fruitful for the families.

Charles and Ally gave the family the
"key" to their home. You can see me in
the background.
Besides getting to learn about the local culture, I was able to learn from the volunteers that traveled with me on this trip. Charles Antis, Habitat OC Board Member, came on this trip with his son Erek and his daughter Ally. Not only did they give up time from their summer vacation to build homes in Mongolia, but they also did a fundraiser to bring along school materials for the children in this community. It was truly an inspirational thing to see.

Dedication day came and we were all excited to witness the families see their completed homes. All of the families were so happy and were impressed we built these homes in a week. 

After a week, the "Blue Sky Build" in Mongolia has come to an end and we are all on our way home. We all leave Mongolia with a joyous heart, full of great memories, and some of us with aching muscles :) If you would like to see more photos from the trip, visit the Habitat Mongolia page.

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