Friday, June 25, 2010

Orange County is Going Green!

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County is working hard to Go Green as we fulfill our mission of changing lives and changing communities in Orange County. We continue to implement more and more green construction methods on our homebuilding sites. And our Habitat ReStores and DeConstruct Services offer local residents unique opportunities to preserve our environment by recycling while they help the families we serve.

Take part in ensuring a beautiful environment for future generations of Orange County residents. Don’t know where to start? Let Habitat for Humanity of Orange County help you begin your GO GREEN journey. Did you know that changing your impact on the environment from negative to positive can all start within your own home or business?

When you remodel don’t be in the red, instead GO GREEN!
It can cost a pretty penny to have old items removed from your home or business during a remodel or demolish. Instead of having your items sit in a landfill forever allow Habitat’s DeConstruct Services come prior to your remodel or demolition and remove qualified items. Qualified items DeConstruct Services will pick up are: appliances, kitchen cabinets, exterior and interior lights. The removed items will then be taken to a local Habitat Restore, in
Santa Ana or Garden Grove, where your trash will become someone else’s treasure! By recycling your items you not only are allowing someone else to benefit from your previous items but also contributing to building affordable housing for hard working families.

Make the Greener choice!
Habitat’s ReStore Discount Home Improvement Centers in Orange County offer you the greener choice when shopping for replacement appliances and home furnishings. All ReStores are
open to the public and allow customers to shop for deeply discounted appliances and home furnishings. The Habitat ReStores recycle by selling donated items which are gently used to new customers. Orange County has ReStore locations in both Santa Ana and Garden Grove with a total combined 280,000 square foot shopping space. Proceeds from the Habitat ReStore’s are used to build affordable homes for hard working families who are seeking home ownership.

Who knew that being Green could be so easy when teaming up with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County DeConstruct Services? This winning combination benefits YOU, future homeowners, and
Habitat for Humanity of Orange County.

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